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Bohol Pools is the premier swimming pool company in the Central Visayas, Philippines. We serve our clients in Bohol and beyond.

The Finest Swimming Pools In The Philippines

Bohol Pools is the premier residential and commercial swimming pool company serving Bohol, and the Central Visayas. We design & build chlorine-free residential and commercial swimming pools using Uvion Ionizer water treatment systems. We also retrofit and renovate existing pools, have a full service swimming pool supply store, provide emergency pools repair service, and offer scheduled pool cleaning and maintenance services. If you want the finest, chemical-free swimming pool in the Central Visayas, then Bohol Pools is the only call you need to make.

Our Pools

We offer standard and custom swimming pool design & build packages for residential and commercial clients.

Filter Systems

We professionally install chlorine-free Uvion Ionizer & water treatment systems on new and existing swimming pools.

Our Services

We offer custom swimming pool design, pool construction, swimming pool supplies, and maintenance and cleaning.

Swimming Pools For Everyone!

Bohol Pools can design and build your dream pool for your home, or your resort or hotel. Our swimming pools offer the finest, chlorine-free water purification and filtration systems, so you and your guests can enjoy crystal clean water that is free of toxic chemicals.

We can also renovate and retrofit your existing pool with our state-of-the-art Uvion ionizer and water filtration systems, so you can stop using toxic chlorine to treat your water.

You deserve the cleanest and healthiest water in your swimming pool, and Bohol Pools is dedicated to providing the finest pools and water filtration and treatment systems available anywhere in the world.

No More Red, Burning Eyes – Chlorine-Free Pools!

Bohol Pools is the leading swimming pool company in the Philippines offering chlorine-free swimming pool water treatment and filtration. We are the premier importer, distributor and installer of Uvion Ionizers and water treatment systems. Uvion Ionizers are the finest water purifiers in the world, and provide you and your guests with crystal clean water that is free of toxic chemicals. We install Uvion Ionizers on all our new custom pools, and we can retrofit your existing pool with our state-of-the-art water treatment and filtration systems.
Bohol Pools designed and built the swimming pool we always dreamed about, and our guests love swimming in our chlorine-free pool. Working with Bohol Pools was the best decision we made when building out our property
– Alicia HoyoHoy

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